Month: April 2016

Philadelphia’s Cambodian New Year Celebration

The city’s Cambodian food scene is practically nonexistent (outside of the 23514967 Num Pang sandwich shops, said with love because that place is my heaven), but apparently Philadelphia has quite the community. Every April, Cambodians in Philly celebrate the three-day Cambodian New Year, and on weekends they sell skewers at parks or in front of their homes. When my friend invited me down to enjoy the festivities, I jumped at—or rather, took a bus to—the opportunity.

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Elza Fancy Food / Cafe At Your Mother-in-Law

Enter this small restaurant and you’ll witness a largely Korean staff speaking Russian and serving Uzbek, Russian and Korean food. In New York, you can only find such a combination at Elza Fancy Food (or Cafe At Your Mother-In-Law’s). It’s not fusion; you won’t see any kimchi-stuffed samsas (Uzbek meat pastries) on the menu. Instead, you’ll have a range of Uzbek and Russian entrees to choose from, along with several Korean soups and salads.

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