The blog

Sometimes it’s the person. It’s a chef or owner responsible for the meal before you. It’s about their dream being realized and their hard work paying off. It’s about their culture, their life, their story.

Sometimes it’s the place. It may be a neighborhood, city or country that informs you of what you’re about to eat. It can be a restaurant, pop-up stand or established street cart. It’s about the details, the fine print that tells you what to expect.

But the food is the most important aspect of every post. It’s the centerpiece that all the other details revolve around. It is, simply put, the thing.

The person

My name’s Wendy, and this blog was a longtime vision of mine that finally came to fruition. As a born and raised New Yorker, I took the food scene here for granted until I went out-of-state for college. Go figure. Once I returned I vowed to catch up on all the great food I had yet to try. It’s a never-ending mission, but in the process I’m continuing to learn about food, cultures and communities. Though I’ll be blogging about some great food I’ve encountered while traveling, the heart of this will be New York and all the feasting it has to offer.